Panasonic Lumix TS20 16.1 MP TOUGH Waterproof Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom (Orange)

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Panasonic Lumix TS20 16.1 MP TOUGH Waterproof Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom (Orange)

This portable and durable digital camera not only delivers 16MP photos and in fluid 720p HD videos, but it can also offer ease when capturing far images thanks to its 4x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. You can review all captured images on its 2.7” LCD monitor and on another monitor via USB 2.0. And with its durable design, you can use it anywhere as it is protected from shocks, dust, dirt, water, and cold temperatures. Capture everything using the Panasonic DMC-TS20D Lumix Digital Camera.

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Rebecca says:

Fantastic Camera, in and out of Water I have had this camera for about five months and I absolutely love it. I wanted a waterproof camera so I wouldn’t have to worry about ruining it in rain, snow, dirt, or anything else I throw at it.Here are some my favorite things about this camera:-It has a really fast shutter speed so it captures subjects in motion without blur.-It has a burst function that takes lots of pictures in a row, and so far they have come out incredible. I recently went cliff jumping and got some really good progressive shots of people falling in the air.-The camera has really good speakers when playing back video.-Picture quality is fantastic for a point and shoot, both inside and out. Some pictures taken in darker rooms turn out grainy, but that has happened with all my other cameras in the past.-The wrist strap is adjustable so it can be securely fit to your wrist while in the water.-The interface is really quick and easy to use.-The camera turns on incredibly fast so it’s good for spur of the moment photo-ops.-You don’t have to change settings between photo and video, you just push a different button for video to start recording. This is really nice because on my previous camera I often forgot to switch it back to photo mode and would take videos instead of pictres.All in all I love this camera. I don’t have any complaints about it yet and I would definitely recommend it! I would also recommend buying a spare battery. The charge holds pretty well but if you are using it a lot in a day it’s better to be safe and have a spare just in case. Wouldn’t want to miss any great opportunities for a picture!TO ADD ON:I recently had my camera at the beach and someone dropped it in the sand. All the cracks had sand in them, so I was a little worried. I just filled my sink with water and sat the camera in in for about 10 minutes, and all the sand just fell off. It’s like nothing even happened! I was so happy since my previous camera was ruined by sand.

Reviewer says:

Solid I got this camera a few months ago after researching waterproof digital cameras and reviews extensively. The price has come down a bit from what I paid, but it was worth every penny. My camera has been in the water in San Diego, Cabo San Lucas, and Maui. It has survived in my boardshorts pocket while:Surfing – heard it knock against my board multiple timesbody surfingswimming in riverjumping off 20 ft waterfallHave taken video underwater with good quality. This camera is great. Hopefully it will last longer than my previous waterproof cam that was by a different manufacturer, but I didn’t properly care for that one. I’ve been more committed to using the suggested maintenance procedures when using this one, like soaking it in a bowl of water after having it in salt water and keeping the seal clean with the brush they provide. The pictures are sharp and defined – high quality.In 7 days in Cabo I didn’t have to recharge the battery once. I expect this camera to last for years.

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