Panasonic Lumix SZ7 14.1 MP High Sensitivity MOS Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom (Black)

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Panasonic Lumix SZ7 14.1 MP High Sensitivity MOS Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom (Black)

The LUMIX DMC-SZ7 combines a powerful 10x optical zoom with a 25mm ultra-wide angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens, in a slim and compact body, making it extremely portable and easy to carry. It can also shoot full-High Definition, 1920 x 1080 60i videos and with Light Speed AF, it has a super-fast focus response time of approximately 0.1 second – making it easy to capture spontaneous must-have photos.

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D. R. Sossamon says:

Good pictures and movies, convenient size and easy to use. I am very satisfied with Lumix DMC-SZ7 digital camera. Its small size makes it easy to slip into a pocket. The 10x zoom works well in both still and movie mode. Unlike other cameras I have used I hear no noise from the zoom mechanism in the movie audio during the replay. Auto focus and image stabilization work well. Previously I used the physically larger DMC-ZS7 camera which included an internal GPS to record position coordinates with the picture. I never used the GPS tagging. The smaller size of the newer SZ7 is far more convenient for me.I was disappointed that Panasonic chose to not include a separate battery charger with the SZ7. Instead, the charger is built into the camera with power supplied by a USB cable. I did some digging and found that other Lumix cameras use the same battery as the SZ7, model DMW-BCK7. Those cameras list Panasonic battery charger model DE-A91BA as an accessory. This charger plugs into an AC wall outlet and has a receptacle that holds the battery being charged. I ordered one of these from Amazon and it charged the SZ7′s battery. I can now continue to use the camera with a second battery while the other battery is in the DE-A91BA charger.

J. Conner "qm2-703" says:

IF YOU WANT A SLIM, CAPABLE ZOOM CAMERA…. I have tried probably 10 cameras between $120 and $250 over the past few months, looking for myself and my wife each a new camera.Through stores and by borrowing from friends and family, I understand what is out there, and let me tell you there are several duds and a few winners, but most are very competent outdoors, with decent indoor video if you dont compare to a $400 vidcam, and only passable for low light.That being said, I now own a Lumix ZS15 (grade A-) and this SZ7 (B+) is for my wife who uses iAuto mostly.This SZ7 beats Canon Elph300 (B) and SX160 (B+ but heavy), Samsung PL210(B or B-) Sony HX70(B-), and Nikon 6300 (B-).PROS: Very good Auto results, good Program Mode (SZ7 calls it Normal mode ). Very usable low-light no-flash with Auto, and even better if you use the “Scene” mode called “Hi-Sensitivity” set at 3mp… where you can get speeds set by the camera according to conditions – speeds from ISO 2000 all the way to 6400!! Sure, some other cameras will push ISO (also at lower mp’s ), but usually only with a single jump from 1600 to 3200, with no stops in between, and nothing above 3200! Granted, these high ISO pics will be grainy, but so were the old film cameras with pushed ISO. You will have a photo when no one else could get their under-$200 camera to capture any picture at all ! Very good outdoor video, and better than most indoor video, with no hiss. Very good zoom – better than any other camera in its price range by a lot – very smooth and with no clicking recorded into the audio.CONS:- Flash underpowered. UPDATE 10-21-12 : This lil cam has a feature not found on many cameras at 2 or 3 times its price: It can use the +/- exposure (on the top of the rear control ring) to make flash pics brighter and dimmer. It will change the ISO being used with the flash, even in Auto mode. You can therefore control the “output” brightness when using flash. I don’t know of any other cam near this price that can do this, plus push iso to 6400 in special non-flash situations. What a combination !! A great camera for art and natural history museums. – The SZ7 has no A,S,or M settings for manual control. (Get the Lumix ZS15 or Canon SX260.) – Overall picture quality is nice in Auto, and better when you learn the +/- and ISO properly. But the output is not for 8×10 or larger. This can be said for every cam in the price range, but I just want you to hear it from a real admirer of the SZ7 for what this camera CAN do.SUMMARY: Best camera out there at this price and this slim….4.1 out of 5 stars.

Yarii says:

Leica lens, MOS sensor, & affordable – what’s not to like? This is my sixth Panasonic Lumix, I like to upgrade now and then and when I saw Panasonic came out with an affordable MOS sensor camera I had to have it. OK, it doesn’t have full manual control like other Lumix cameras I’ve owned, but I rarely used the manual settings other than Aperture Priority to get a blurred background. Intelligent Auto (iA) is normally where I leave the setting anyhow.Features of this camera I love:– WOW! Fastest camera I’ve ever owned, not only on start-up, but SUPER fast shutter response, and fast recycling to take the next photo.– Leica lens, one of the best lens manufacturers.– You can optically zoom during the video.– The size is not TOO small, yet not too big – JUST RIGHT! This is a small camera, but not what I consider to be an ultra-compact where there is NO place to grab onto, those tiny ultra-compact cameras are too easy to drop! This SZ7 is the perfect size.– Metal body – although it feels like plastic, I read on another site that it’s aluminum, good build quality.– Fantastic photos, HD videos in stereo!– Pretty decent in low light settings.– Miniature Effect: I find I use this quite a lot for a blurred background.– Panoramic feature is the best I’ve used.Features I’m not crazy about but I can learn to live with:– Black is the only color choice here, I’m tired of black cameras.– A mode dial on top would have been nice, instead of menus, at least there is a separate movie button on top.– No separate battery charger, this is the first Panasonic camera I’ve owned where the battery is charged inside the camera, it must be a cost-cutting measure for Panasonic.I recommend getting a Class 10 SDHC card if you’re using your camera for videos, the quality is better and they cost only a couple dollars more than a Class 4 or Class 6 card.My recommended Class 10 Card: My recommended semi-hard camera case: I’ve used this case for many of my cameras, there isn’t much padding but the semi-hard exterior makes up for less padding.

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