Panasonic Lumix SZ1 16.1 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom (Black)

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Panasonic Lumix SZ1 16.1 MP Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom (Black)

The LUMIX DMC-SZ1, which combines a powerful 10x optical zoom with a 25mm ultra-wide angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens, in a slim and compact body, making it extremely portable and easy to carry. The LUMIX SZ1 (16.1 megapixels) features 720p HD video recording capabilities, and is easy to use thanks to Panasonic’s popular iA (Intelligent Auto) mode which automatically chooses the best camera settings for natural, beautiful images.What’s in the box: Panasonic LUMIX DMC-SZ1 Digital Camera (Black), Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, USB Cable, AC Power Adapter, photo fun studio 8.0 Standard Edition, Adobe Reader and 1-Year Limited Warranty.Viewfinder Type: LCD Display, Viewfinder Coverage: 100%.Focusing: Normal, AF Macro, Zoom Macro / Quick AF (Always On), Continuous AF(only for motion picture) / AF Tracking.AF Assist Lamp: Provides additional lighting as a focusing aid for slightly dark situations where autofocusing would ordinarily be difficult.

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Mike Jay says:

Amazing zoom First up, I actually own the DMC-SZ02 which is available at a certain store in my area founded by Sam Walton… :) I am 99.9% certain this is the exact same camera as the DMC-SZ1, please correct me if I`m wrong. But dont confuse either of these with the DMC-ZS1 (note the ZS and SZ difference), which is also available but quite different. Cant they get a little more creative with the product names? JeezzI`ve owned and tried out many “pocket” cameras over the years. I`ve usually ended up with Casio Exilims, even though I have tried out Canon Elphs (just cant get myself to like the tiny Elph), Nikons (good features but poor pic quality), a Samsung (terrible) and even one other Lumix (can’t remember why I didn’t keep it) in the past. This Lumix is by far my favorite.Granted that you must understand what you are getting with a pocket camera. They will not be top quality photos with everything intended to be framed as art. But they are more than fine for capturing many (I have thousands of) memories to be stored on the hard drive and you do get an occasional really nice bonus picture to print as an 8×10. The good thing is that you actually have it WITH you (I carry it in a smartphone leather holster, fits perfect) so that a semi-quality picture is better than NO pic because you didn’t want to drag around a full size camera.OK having said that, this camera is very impressive. The zoom especially stands out. I never imagined the zoom on a pocket camera could ever be improved this much. I found myself saying “Wow” many times after taking some test shots. Even the digital zoom turns out to be useful, when it fails miserably and is a joke on every other camera I`ve tried it on. Other digital zooms are better described as “the distorted pixelation button”, so I have no idea what voodoo magic they invoked to make their digital zoom actually look decent in most cases.The overall quality is excellent for it’s class as well, with the exception of some indoor settings which EVERY camera in this class struggles with, so don’t be fooled by ANY brand’s marketing hype including Panasonic’s “Intelligent Auto” (although it does work for other purposes as intended). But if I play with manual settings, I can eventually get a good indoor picture, usually by turning flash OFF, which is counter intuitive for the novice.It is easy to hold onto with a very thoughtful textured thumb area, whereas many cameras this size pack every inch with buttons. It’s my perfect size, small enough to stow out of the way, but not so tiny I struggle to hold it like the Elph I dropped and broke the lens on the first day two Christmas’ ago.I`ll admit the body feels a little “plastic-y” but I cant comment on durability yet, I`ve only had it a week. I`ve always had the impression Panasonic makes a durable product, but only time will tell. My Exilims had all metal bodies and let me tell you they take a licking… and a dropping … and keep on ticking. That is one area they excel.Lumix isn’t known for it’s innovative software or menus, so they are pretty basic and not worth special mention. Although in normal a.k.a. manual shooting mode, there are many settings that can be tweaked. I think with Lumix you are paying for the lens and sensor quality, not frivolous things like a touchscreen. My only wish is that they would add useful scene modes like “children playing indoors” and “outdoor sports” rather than “food” and “baby”. Seriously?I can highly recommend this camera for what it is. Good luck finding other reviews as of this writing! Pretty much non existent, so I hope mine helps.

Alanwagen "alanwagen" says:

Very pleased Let me qualify this and let me say that I don’t know if this is this best camera, just an opinion.First things first, in a basic sense of what you buy a camera for is to take sharp pictures. That it does so I am pleased.Now the perks which are sort of neato mosquito: It does self stitching panoramic photos with out software, you change mode and hold the shutter button down and pan and it stitches away. This includes side to side as well as up and down like you would need for a tall building.Another mode will decorate your picture with a frame, my favorite is the heart frame. It does baby scenes where you can have text of the name of the baby and his or her age in months and days. It automatically figures this out from the birth date.All told there are 15 scenes.Another feature which may come in handy is that it uses the new SDXC memory cards, a very high capacity card like 64 gig or 128 gig. So if are going to shoot a lot of video, you will be set. It records in the MP4 format. It has a separate shutter button for movies so you can shoot on the fly and not have to change modes. Who needs a separate video camera? It does let you zoom while shooting video.You can also set the viewfinder screen to bright for when you are outside.Summary: A great little handy, capable, and excellent camera. My wife has the Lumix DMC-FH25 which if also a good camera (see reviews) but I like mine better.BTW It will use after market batteries if price is a concern. Oct 12, 2012UPDATE: Bad news, my screen broke. Must be fragile as I did not drop my camera. Very disappointed.

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