Olympus VG-160 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Silver)

Pinned on October 27, 2013 at 5:42 pm by Lee Whorton

Olympus VG-160 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Silver)

Brains and beauty – the VG-160 has it all and then some. This is the camera that offers all the extras without the extra costs. With creative features including One-Touch HD Video, Magic Art Filters, a 26mm Wide-Angle Lens and 5x Optical Zoom

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Moira French says:

Works fine for an inexpensive camera This camera’s photos are 3 megabytes on the default setting, which means they are very clear but to post them on Facebook you have to re-size them. My first attempts at re-sizing produced fuzzy photos but I finally figured out how to re-size easily – open the photo with Paint, and resize down to 1200 x 800. Once I figured that out, the photos I put on Facebook were much sharper. I experimented a lot taking pictures in every type of light and found that using the Automatic settings seems to work best in 95% of situations. However, for taking photos of flowers close up, I use Program, Super Macro and they are truly superb. I have no complaints. Now, I paid less than $80 for this camera, and I’m sure a better camera would take better photos. BUT, I have to say that it is really perfectly adequate for my needs. Just be sure and read the manual because there are settings you can use for the beach, snow, night time, moving objects, low light, etc. and you’ll get more out of the camera if you are familiar with the different settings.

varnav says:

Not bad for a cheap supercompact I lost my DSLR on vacation and needed a fast cheap replacement. Supercompacts are usually not performing well, especially those with high megapixel count. But after using $1500 DSLR I must admit that output photos from this camera are not bad at all. It’s good in it’s automatics and is able to produce nice looking colorful and well-lit photos with just press of a button. But pay attention – it’s weakness is indoor photos and this camera works fine on daylight only.

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