Olympus Tough TG-620, Black

Pinned on November 15, 2013 at 8:41 pm by Douglas Pounders

Olympus Tough TG-620, Black

backlit CMOS, 5x wide Zoom

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Richard Hart says:

Good camera, now on close out. Battery life is only drawback. This is a good general use camera with sharp images and very high resolution…it rivals my Canon 50D at one tenth the price. Waterproof for a pool or snorkeling. This sells at Walmart for $119.00 as a now discontinued model so do not pay more! My only disappointment is a very small battery which requires you to use the auto-off feature or it will be dead in an hour. Otherwise it would get 5 stars! You need an extra lithium ion battery if you do much shooting, probably $30 or so. The selling price of $448.56 must be a mistake so be careful.

hha says:

Very good deal for $129 I have had this camera for one month and shot more than 500 pictures. While the TG620 can be used in fully automatic mode, it is very flexible in P-mode. Fiddling with the various shooting modes using the toggle and the LCD screen works, but is very slow, particularly under bright outdoors conditions, where the screen is harder to read. The only feature which I miss is exposure bracketing. The internal HDR mode (3 shots are combined in the camera in a very slow 15 seconds!!) is not worth the trouble. Almost all my shots this far were made in P-mode with -0.3ev exposure compensation, with sequence mode (5 shots per second at full resolution for up to 20 seconds!) enabled. Shooting with this camera (mine is black) can be very discrete: out of the pocket the first shot is captured in under two seconds, 5 more in the next second, and back into the pocket, all in less than 5 seconds. Try this with your cellphone or DSLR! Use your hand to keep direct sunlight from shining on the lens (window)to avoid the lens flair which appears to be typical of the periscope lens design.The image stabilization appears to be very effective.The battery is claimed to be good for 300 shots, which may be true. I bought a spare battery ($7), but this far have never used it. Shots at iso800 are perfectly usable, but also more frequently needed due to the f/3.9 aperture, a compromise for a shirt-pocket camera with the periscope lens design. When inspected at 200%, the image quality of side-by-side shots under bright out-doors conditions with the TG620 is a little below the quality achieved by my Panasonic LX5, but the LX5 rarely leaves my house. My LX5 shows much less lens flair.The LCD screen is very usable outdoors, but nowhere near as much contrast as that of my LX5. The processor and CMOS detector of the Olympus TG620, TG630, TG820, TG-2 and XZ-10 are the same, but the last two cameras have different and two stop faster lenses. Read [...] to get an idea of the TG620 image quality. I have not had a chance to test the TG620 under water.The seals on the two doors look OK, if they are kept clean. The quality of the seals of the other buttons is hard to assess, but I have not heard any complaints.

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