Olympus SP-820UZ iHS Digital Camera (Black)

Pinned on November 24, 2013 at 6:43 pm by Alvin Bryant

Olympus SP-820UZ iHS Digital Camera (Black)

From the plains to the mountains, the stadiums to the backyard, the SP-820UZ iHS is the ideal camera for all your photography needs. With a staggering 40x optical zoom you can get incredibly close to your subjects, while the 22.4mm – 896mm ultra wide-angle lens lets you capture breathtaking panoramas and group shots. And thanks to iHS Technology, you’ll be able to capture Full HD Video in 1080p, spectacular low light images and fast action subjects. Whether you’re taking in a game or quietly snapping images of wildlife from afar, the SP-820UZ packs all the versatility you need to capture your stories.

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ppfox63 says:

Not what I expected I am an amateur nature/wildlife photographer, and I go out on hikes….sometimes long hikes.My previous camera is an Olympus SP-800UZ which is powered by a re-chargeable ion battery (cell phone type). I bought two spares that fit easily into my pants pocket, and could be gone all day taking pictures and never worry about dead batteries. I love that camera….so when Olympus came out with this one I was soo excited, only to be disappointed.This camera is powered by alkaline batteries, and it eats through them if you use the zoom at all! Four batteries last only about an hour and a half! So I would have to carry five pounds of alkaline batteries with me to get close to having enough power to take pictures all day.If all you want to take pictures of is birthdays, holidays, and an occassional vacation, this camera is okay, and it does take good pictures. But if you want to go out for hours hiking and expect it to last….it wont. Yes, it is my fault. I didnt check to see how this camera was powered before I bought it. Shame on me….that wont happen again.

J. Cutlin says:

camera is everything we wanted and more! My wife and I were looking for a camera for Christmas and really wanted a Cannon SLR because of how quickly they took pictures and the view finder. However my wife told me she use to own an olympus and how great it was… it sure does live up to its name. The pictures take very quickly to where you don’t have to wait forever long for it to load up. Zoom is great of course ( that is a given) but I’d say this camera takes pictures about as fast as the Cannon SLR’s we were looking at in the stores and for a cheaper price. Trust me you wont regret this purchase. Also takes pictures very steadily even if your hand isn’t steady! We love this product!!

Thomas E Reinshagen says:

Great camera Great pictures.light weight easy to use. I took pictures of the moon the othernight and they came out better than my friends SLR. The 40 X zoom brings subjects up real close. The HD movies are clear and crisp. Overall this is a great camera for the price.Bad: The batteries don’t last long and can’t be recharged in the camera.

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