Olympus SP-720UZ iHS Digital Camera with 26x Optical Zoom and 3-Inch LCD (Silver)

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Olympus SP-720UZ iHS Digital Camera with 26x Optical Zoom and 3-Inch LCD (Silver)

An Olympus Ultra Zoom ‘Traveler’ camera wears its class on its sleeve -there’s no mistaking the huge optical zoom lens on the front, nor the extraordinary character and quality of the images it delivers. That’s what makes the new SP-720UZ Traveler the camera of choice for anyone with the ambition to step up from a pint-sized point-and-shoot to a powerful, great-value, go-anywhere compact that can capture genuinely challenging shots. It offers impressive wide-angle capability for shooting landscapes, interiors and crowds. But it’s the extreme telephoto potential that really stands out. Notwithstanding its super-slim, compact design, the SP-720UZ delivers fully 26x optical magnification. That gives you the flexibility to zoom in and capture the expressive energy of wildlife, competitive sports and other unapproachable subjects without having to carry interchangeable lenses. On top the latest generation is again packed with technical wizardry like Full HD Movie and HDR Backlight Adjustment to mention just a few.

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PSBone says:

Good, long zoom p&s cam I primarily chose this because it had Dog and Cat Scene modes, see my pix. It’s pretty cool as it detects your pets face and automatically shoots, no shutter pressing. I like its also easy to navigate around the cams contorls, zoom is smooth tho haven’t use it at the longest end as you’ll need very steady hands, and it locks onto its subject quite well. Read another review complaining about the macro mode, w/c even tho I haven’t used this cam extensively for that, does suffer from poor focusing or blurry shots. He also mentions the Flash, which you’ll have to pop up yourself. I never had problems setting my Flash to Auto and it not firing, so i have no complaints here. If you’ve seen my pix, indoor shots are pretty good as long as lighting is bright enough, low light isn’t bad either, but not the best, while Outdoor shots are sharp and excellent.All in all not a bad cam, takes good pix, focuses well, not the speediest, but not slow either. Pix are surprisingly sharp and clear, zoom works. Size-wise it’s compact, just a tad bulky due to its 26X zoom lens, but design wise love it’s very good grip.Also, I’ve seen Amazon say that the SP-820uz is a newer model, it’s not, it’s their highest end model with higher zoom and more features. It’s also a bit bigger.Just wanted to add, as per someone asking if the zoom works in video mode, it does. It’s a bit slow, it’ll blur slightly while zooming but focuses well in the end and you’ll hear the zoom motor working, not loudly, so your audio will be slightly muted while in use. If your not using the zoom or stopped, audio is fine and unaffected.

Joseph Denby says:

great camera for the price. You couldn’t ask for a better camera for the price. it looks nice. its very easy to use. only a few buttons to navigate the interface with is quite intuitive. I really just wanted a camera to take some nice pictures on trips and things and didn’t really care about all the extra features, however after playing with some of the extra features on this camera, i’m happy it has them. The automatic panorama is very cool and simple to use. Has some fun color and image effects. The 1080p video it take looks great. The main reason i chose this camera was the built in (but removable) battery and charger, so i never have to keep buying batteries all the time. I have yet to drain the battery completely before i was able to charge it again. You can also charge the battery by hooking it to a computer via USB so that is nice.Its a point and shoot camera not a DSLR. i was fully aware of that when i got it.. but it does look like a DSLR camera and has a good weight to it and fits comfortably into your hands.

Jeff says:

Amazing camera! This camera is an awesome buy, the quality of the pictures and videos is astounding. The picture quality does not fade over its epic 26x zoom either making this camera just amazing for its price.

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