Olympus Neoprene Soft Digital Camera Case

Pinned on October 22, 2013 at 3:38 pm by Cathy Stone

Olympus Neoprene Soft Digital Camera Case

OLYMPUS 202066 Neoprene Case (Gray)

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Gadget Girl says:

Functional with a touch of style I bought this for my mom’s new digital camera, particularly to ensure that the camera didn’t break and that there was somewhere to store any extra cards. This handy neoprene case does just that. It’s simple and functional. My worry about leather, though it looks stylish, is will it be cushioned enough if the camera falls or gets bumped. Well, this case, because of the neoprene, will cushion any blows and ensure long life and use of your camera. Good purchase.

Isandy C. "Book Junkie" says:

Just perfect! Even though it is soft, provides the perfect security for my camera. I bought it for a Kodak V1003 and it fits perfectly and have extra room for another battery and my card reader. It doesn’t have space for chargers or any other type of cables but since that wasn’t the goal of my purchase i’m giving it 5 stars, thought you should know anyway. :)

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