Olympus LI-50B Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for Select Olympus Digital Cameras – Retail Packaging

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Olympus LI-50B Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for Select Olympus Digital Cameras – Retail Packaging

OLYMPUS 202167 Olympus LI-50B Replacement Battery

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William Doerner says:

with love from Asia! Product came quickly and seems to work fine. I’m not quite convinced this is a new product, though. Due to the lack of seller clarity, I’ve knocked it down three stars (for (1) not having a recent manufacturing date and few details on the product page, (2) not being clear about the package, and (3) my inability to judge whether this battery is new or used based on its peeling label). Below, I will elaborate more on my choice to dock stars from this product.1) I ordered this battery in April 2012 and it is dated as July 2011. I have two other batteries dated as 2008 so this new one will be welcome. The other ones have gotten plenty of use and recharges so they don’t work for too long anymore. Still, I was expecting a new battery and the seller page did not encourage me to expect anything otherwise.2) The battery did not come inside the package. I guess that’s legit in Asia (?) but it’s not very comforting to me, as a customer. The battery has a lot of Japanese characters on it so I assume it’s part of the newer Olympus manufacturing (my old batteries were made in China instead of Japan). I wish the seller had made more effort to put the battery into the package. In full disclosure, the product page does say “(Retail Packaging)” but I take that as meaning the battery is NEW and INSIDE the packaging (not that part of my purchase is to receive an opened retail package). There is even a barcode pasted on the back that says “new”. Seems like only part of the meaning made it past those translations.3) The battery appears to be put together a little more cheaply these days. The sticker/label is already coming up when I slide it into and out of the camera. Again, I’m not convinced this battery is new. I have no problem buying used or returned batteries if the seller is honest. I could care less about getting the packaging but this receipt seems a little shady…anybody can go grab a discarded package and pair items together. Either put “refurbished” on the product page or some other clarification so people don’t think they’re getting a stolen or used product.In all, I’m happy to have another battery to go along with my camera. I guess beggars can’t be choosers and I should not complain since the price is dirt cheap. If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is not true. Having written that, the battery does seem to work legitimately for the first few shots. If it does give any trouble in my upcoming trip, I’ll update this post and drop my rating to one star. If it works fine, I’ll buy another and add a star. For now, my rating is 5 – 3 strikes = 2 stars.

klldrckstrinyrhd says:

DO NOT BUY! I purchased 3 of these to have as back ups. I take a lot of videos and pictures and you couldn’t beat the price. Despite coming with “Olympus” packaging the batteries I received are fakes when compared to the battery that came with my camera. The first way to tell is the fact that the original battery gets around an hour of video time and a few hundred pictures before it completely drains. The ones I got off amazon? No where near as many pictures and at best 20 minutes of video time if you are lucky. The second way to tell is just by comparing them side by side you can tell the by the font of how Olympus is written on the original compared to the fake ones. Maybe I just happened to place 2 separate orders that just so happened to have all the batteries be fakes but I doubt that. I will be contacting Amazon to return these and I am extremely disappointed that they would allow these to be sold.

Stewy says:

Works Just Fine This battery is identical to the one that came with the camera and holds the same charge. No complaints. Can’t beat Amazon’s price.

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