Olympus LI-42B LI42B battery Digital Camera & More

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Olympus LI-42B LI42B battery Digital Camera & More

The high-capacity Olympus LI-42B rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery is compatible with digital cameras that use the LI-40B, including the Olympus D630 and IR300 Digital Cameras. It features Lithium technology, which ensures maximum battery life and maximum power. It also features No Memory Effect that lets you recharge partially drained batteries without reducing performance.

Olympus LI-42B LI42B battery for Olympus SP-700 Stylus 1040 1200 700 710 720 725 730 740 750 760 780 770 790 820 830 840 850 1050w 1050sw 1060 1070 7000 7010 7020 7030 7040 Tough 3000 TG-310 TG-320 VR310 VR320 VR330 Digital Camera & More

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SN says:

Long Lasting Battery! When buying my new Stylus 770SW I got an extra battery because I hate when your in the middle of taking pictures and the battery dies. Although I like having one just in case, this battery has been nothing short of amazing! I went home for three weeks, took over 300 pictures and only had to change battery once! Best value for the money !

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