Olympus LI-42B Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery – Retail Packaging

Pinned on November 15, 2013 at 8:41 pm by Matthew Paolucci

Olympus LI-42B Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery – Retail Packaging

OLYMPUS 202034 Olympus LI-42B Replacement Battery

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KS says:

NOT ORIGINAL It looks original in the picture, but it definitely isn’t. Says made in China on the box, but the battery says made in Japan. It says “Olympus Imoaging Corp” instead of “Olympus Imaging Corp.”. The font, the plastic, and the metal parts aren’t the same as the original. I haven’t tested to see if it works well, but it bothers me that they try to deceive one.

Jillian G. Politz says:

low charge doesnt hold a charge for nearly as long as the battery that came with the camera. It shows ‘dead battery’ after every time i use it.

BB reader says:

BEWARE — there are FAKE and REAL batteries under the same name I figured out why you see 5 star reviews and 1 star reviews for the same product… the cheap ones NOT sold through Amazon are probably fake, and the more expensive ones (about $28) with AMAZON as the SELLER are real. Make sure you check who it is sold by. When you search for the product, the results show only the cheap one, but if you click on it, then look on the right-hand side, “More Buying Choices” – you should choose the one offered by AMAZON. I gave this product a 1-star rating to bring attention to this issue (I don’t want this review to get lost in the sea of 5-star reviews). Obviously if I got the real Olympus battery through Amazon it would be 5-stars :) Hope this helps!

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