Olympus Foam Float Strap, 202212, Red

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Olympus Foam Float Strap, 202212, Red

OLYMPUS 202212 Floating Camera Strap (Red)

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Ob1 says:

Works with Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 I took this with me on a sailing / snorkeling trip to the Virgin Islands recently. It easily attached to the Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 and kept it afloat when I took it into the water. I read the other reviews that said the strap would not keep the 1030sw afloat in fresh water. So I tested the strap with the 8000 in a bucket of tap water. It floated just fine.The flotation is not strong. So I would expect a strong current (as in white water rafting or kayaking) could pull it under for some period of time. But I had no trouble snorkeling or swimming with it in the waves and low surf.The quick release on the strap is handy if you attach the floating strap onto, or in addition to the strap that comes with the camera. This allows you to easily detach the floating strap and stuff the camera into your pocket without a big red pillow hanging out of your pants or shirt. This leaves the camera’s original wrist strap attached so you can still use that when on dry land.The floating strap is too big for my wrist (I’m 5′ll”, 160 lbs). But I easily slid it up to my biceps where it stayed put (the strap has an adjustable button) and allowed me to swim with both hands free.The floating strap is very lightweight, takes up little room when packing, dries quickly, and held up well in the salt water and sun of the Caribbean.Overall it worked very well and kept me from worrying about dropping the camera into water that exceeded the 33 ft. maximum depth on the 8000.

Alexis K. Shaw "dogluvr" says:

Work very well with the Canon D-10… This strap is a perfect companion to the Canon D-10 waterproof camera. I have tested the buoyancy of the strap in an 8 foot deep pool with a large amount heavy agitation (other swimmers and the pool pump cycling)…it took about 5 second from the time of release to the time is broke the surface…The bright red color is a nice bright contrast making it easier to see. A small investment to save a great camera…well worth the purchase price…

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