Olympus DP-201 Digital Voice Recorder

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Olympus DP-201 Digital Voice Recorder

The DP-201 maintains the same sense of convenience and ease-of-use of analog recorders, but provides even more memory, enhanced battery life and a larger LCD screen. The design incorporates large function buttons that make recording effortless.

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Cordyceps says:

Great Product I have to do a lot of end-user interviews for my job (I am in product marketing) and this voice recorder is perfect for that purpose. I have used it in restaurants, on the street in NYC, on construction job sites, and in quiet conference rooms, and it performs very well in all circumstances. I leave it in my front pants pocket during the interview and it does a great job of picking up the voices while cancelling a lot of the background noise. The batteries last a really long time.As long as you take it for what it is (doesn’t connect digitally to computers, and doesn’t have a lot of advanced functionality or editing tools), you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.Be aware that the screen scratches fairly easily. Don’t throw it in your bag/pocket with stuff that can easily scratch it.

Al California says:

Practical Voice Recorder This voice recorder is easy to use. All the recordings can be traced by dates instead of folders system which makes it such practical gadget. Also, this date system can be subdivided and the user can have several recordings in one date. If it is not in use, it turns itself off. When it is necessary to turn on, just press the REC button and ready to use.

D. Birney "auction65" says:

Good “BASIC” recorder I do recommend this little recorder. It has really good sensitivity and can block background noise out as well if you just click that feature. The sensitivity is adjustable also.. YOU CANNOT download files from this to your computer, so be advised of that as I am a police officer and this is a requirement with our handheld recorders, but that’s ok as I will be buying another that does for that purpose,still this is very clear and a good recorder for this price range. I highly recommend it.

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