Lowepro Rezo TLZ 10 Digital Camera Case Gadget Bag

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Lowepro Rezo TLZ 10 Digital Camera Case Gadget Bag

RAK) REZO TLZ10 SLR Pouch Black

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Kenya A. Hudson says:

Good Travel Bag, Not Enough Pockets I purchased this bag for the Canon S2 IS. (Normally, that camera would be a bit small for such a bag. However, I’ve added a converter that makes the camera too big for most other digicam bags.) The interior is large and roomy and made from a soft and (apparently) scratch-free fabric. There are no compartments within that interior. However, since it is designed for an oversized point and shoot, film SLR or smallish DSLR (e.g. Canon Digital Rebel) that’s probably a good thing. If you place the camera in LCD side down, it should fit with a reasonable size lens attached. On the exterior sides, there are no pockets just rings for the adjustable and comfortably long shoulder strap that is included. On the back of the back is a large loop attachable by Velcro that can be strapped to a belt or larger bag. In the front is an accordion-style pocket with two smaller cargo-style pockets inside. Those smaller pockets are just large enough for a CF card to fit snugly inside. It’s a top-loading bag whose top covers both that exterior pocket and the interior. It closes with a clasp not a zipper.I experienced some problems that caused me to buy an additional bag. First, if you aren’t careful when closing the top, it may bunch leaving the sides of the interior compartment slightly exposed. (I noticed this when a loose SD card fell out one of the sides.) Second, the exterior pocket is too small to hold the accessories I had, i.e. two filters, two SD cards, an external flash and four extra AA batteries. If you can stick to keeping only the camera (and an attached lens or converter) in the interior pocket and have very few extras in the outer pocket, this would make a good travel bag. If you have several loose accessories as I did, try a zippered bag with lots of outer pockets.

Photo/Video Gearhead says:

One of the smallest camera bags – ideal for the Panasonic G1 This TLZ 10 camera bag is a perfect fit for the as well as for the older Minolta A2 and A200 cameras. It is probably a bit short for the due to the longer 14-140mm lens that ships with the GH1.The TLZ 10 bag is smaller than the . In addition, it has two pouches inside the front pocket that conveniently hold extra batteries and memory cards. The TLZ Mini lacks these pouches but does have a somewhat larger front pocket than the TLZ 10.

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