Lowepro D-Wrap for Digital Camera (Black)

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Lowepro D-Wrap for Digital Camera (Black)

Protective wrap for Point and Shoot Digital Cameras. This unique product attaches to the bottom of your camera via the Tripod Mount, and then simply wraps around the body to protect your LCD screen and camera surface from scratches. Simply unwrap the camera to take a picture, and wrap back up for protection in your pocket, purse or other bag.

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BF "0bfk0" says:

Old School Protection The first thing I thought of when I saw Lowepro’s D-Wrap were the covers common to SLR cameras 40 years ago. Unsnap the back and flip the portion connected to the front half over the top and let the whole thing hang while you take the shot. At the end of the day, the camera and its cover went back into a larger camera case, where all the film and lenses were stored.Because I’m from that era, I immediately purchased the D-Wrap for my ZS3. The cover needs to stretch a slight bit to go around the ZS3, but this makes it snug and secure. Its compact enough for me to slip the wrapped camera into a jacket pocket. The camera can be out of my pocket, un-wrapped and ready for that once-in-a-lifetime photo in seconds. The wrap has no place for spare batteries or memory cards, but if your camera is no larger than the ZS3, the camera and D-Wrap fit perfectly into Lowepro’s “Ridge 10″ camera case . The case has plenty of storage for those things, plus a micro fiber lens cloth and maybe a stick of gum or two. These two products have become my 21st Century equivalent of the old-time SLR cover and case I’d lug all over the landscape many decades back. Now, I leave the Ridge 10, with all the accessories in the car and slip the D-wrapped camera into my pocket. I have to confess, I love this thing.Why did I only give it 4 stars? Well, if Lowepro would apply a little fine tuning, the wrap could be perfect. First, if the head of the tripod mount bolt had its own 1/4-20 threaded socket, the D-Wrap wouldn’t need to be removed for tripod use. Also, On my camera, the mounting needs to be rotated whenever I change the battery or memory card. This in itself, isn’t a major issue, but after twisting the wrap back and forth, the screw loosens and always has to be re-tightened. A cleaner way to access bottom located hatches would be good. One final caution: Make sure the camera is turned off before using the wrap. If your camera goes into standby mode, the lens will retract. If you begin wrapping your camera while its in this mode, chances are the shutter will depress enough to activate the lens and the wrap’s material is probably tough enough to do some damage to the mechanism as it tries to extend.All that aside, security is probably the D-wrap’s greatest attribute. Small cameras are slick and slippery. While shooting, I trap the hanging wrap against my palm with my little fingers. If the camera should slip, my hands are still holding the end of the wrap. Unless I’m hanging upside down from an airplane wing, I rarely use the sissy-strap any more. This is one great product.____________________________________________________________Update: I’ve been using this product for nearly a year now, and can attest that it protects the camera extremely well. This past summer, I dropped it on a cobbled Savannah street (on one of it’s open ends, no less), and was delighted to find absolutely no evidence of my clumsiness.I also came up with an elegant work-around for the two negatives mentioned in my first review. I removed Lopro’s small twist knob and replaced it with a larger knurled knob I removed from an unused tripod. The knob has the 1/4-20 socket so I can mount the camera without having to remove the wrap, and the knob’s bolt also bottoms out on the camera’s socket just before the knob clamps down on the wrap’s plastic slide. The result is, when the wrap is opened, it easily rotates, making access to the battery and memory card a snap. And because there’s no friction between the knob and the plastic slide, it never has to be re-tightened.If Lopro had made these changes, I’d upgrade my review to 5 stars, but since they didn’t, they still get 4 stars… And 1 star for myself for coming up with the solution to the problem.

SarahandJeff says:

SO Smart! I bought this little wrap around case two weeks ago and I ADORE it. It attaches to the tripod hole in the bottom of your camera. The little screw slides across the bottom to fit any location. There is a little stretch if needed and a little padding.I am using it for my Canon A480. I love that I can put the camera in my purse and it doesn’t get scratched up but it is still compact enough not to take up too much more room than the camera itself. I also love that I unvelcro it and the case hangs off the camera while I take pictures, then I just wrap it back up when I’m done. I never lose the case or have to have a place to set it down.I think this is a brilliant idea and it is working wonderfully for me.Drawbacks for some people might be the open ends. It won’t keep out dirt, sand etc. And it only holds the camera – no extra memory cards or batteries.

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