Digital SLR Cameras and Photography For Dummies

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Digital SLR Cameras and Photography For Dummies

The perennial digital photography bestseller, now updated to cover the hottest topics

Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies has been a bestseller since it first came into the picture, and this new edition gets you up to (shutter) speed on the latest technologies available. Veteran author David Busch walks you through new camera models from the leading manufacturers, WiFi and GPS options, full HD moviemaking, and the latest dSLR features. He also provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge about exposure, composition, and lighting that any new dSLR user needs to know to get great results from the camera.

The straightforward-but-friendly coverage offers tips for choosing a camera and accessories, using different controls, maximizing lighting and exposure, and editing your photos. With this helpful book by your side, you’ll learn your way around shutter speed, aperture, and ISO so that you can get a handle on the big picture while you take pictures!

If you’re ready to get in the dSLR picture, then this is the book you need.


Ned Middleton says:

Book, Camera, Action! The big attraction of this series of “for Dummies” books is that we who buy these products have little respect for our own knowledge and plenty of respect for those who do and are able to write books like this.I am currently converting from film photography to digital photography and some aspects are quite daunting. I have, therefore, purchased several books and tutorial DVDs on the subject and am working my way through them all. The title of this product suggests it is the right place to start and, on reflection, is exactly where I should have started. For those of you, who like me, are converting to digital for the first time, grab your camera and a copy of this book and work your way through from cover to cover until you are conversant with the new technology. It really will give you a good grounding.That, however, will only work very well if you are already conversant with photography. If you are new to photography altogether and a digital SLR camera is your very first camera, you may have to learn a few basic lessons of, for example, the correlation between film speeds, shutter speeds and aperture settings – which really do need to be understood, before you study this book.David Busch clearly knows what he is talking about and is able to put that knowledge into an easy-to-follow format for us Dummies to read and, as I say, I wish I had read this book before getting into some of the more technical tomes I also purchased.NM

Scott says:

Great for those making the leap from point and shoot I just upgraded from a point and shoot to a dSLR. Like most amateurs making this leap, I needed something more than the owner’s manual, so I searched through all the dSLR books and found this to be leaps and bounds better than the rest. This Dummies book covers dSLRs in full. It has all the info I needed to get started and its begun functioning as a reference when I’m ready to do new things. The book is very informative. I would recommend buying this prior to even purchasing your camera, as it explains all that is good and bad about digital SLRs. It’s the ideal book for people in my situation, who are true amateurs of photography, as it not only covers functionality, it also explains how to take GREAT photos.

JDoG says:

Not quite what I was looking for The book is well written and I enjoyed the author’s sense of humor. However, I was hoping for less of an examination of the technical and historical aspects of the technology and more of a hands on explanation of how to utilize the technology to improve my photography.

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