Chums Waterproof Camera Float

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Chums Waterproof Camera Float

Save your new digital camera from going to the bottom of the lake, river, or ocean. The soft, foam-filled neoprene wrist lanyard easily attaches to most lightweight, point & shoot, waterproof cameras and accessories. The bright yellow color makes it easy to spot in the water. Not intended for use with large professional underwater cameras, or regular/non-waterproof cameras.

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C. Welsh says:

Chums took the Silver medal I purchased 3 floating camera straps – the Vivatar, the Olympus and the Chums -since they were all pretty inexpensive and they all seemed to have good reviews and bad reviews. After trying out all 3 I decided the Olympus will go with me on my next snorkeling adventure with my new Nikon Coolpix AW100 (which I absolutely love but that’s for another review). Here are my observations on all three straps. I ordered all 3 in yellow – the Vivatar was a kind of dingy orangish yellow while the other two were a bright yellow which I felt would be easier to spot so score 1 for Olympus and Chums. The Vivatar and Olympus both were easy to dry off while the Chums is made of a kind of spongy material which doesn’t dry off right away so score one for Vivatar and Olympus. The Olympus and Chums fit my wrist very nicely whereas I wasn’t quite sure how to attach the Vivatar to my person. I thought the Olympus when it was cinched up fit my wrist especially well so score two for Olympus and one for Chums. A side note here – I have an average man’s size hands whereas my wife has long slender hands. The Olympus slid right off of her hand even when it was cinched up so the Chums might actually work better for her. The Olympus and the Chums both seemed more buoyant than the Vivatar. The Vivatar failed the bathtub test – filling my bathtub to the top and dropping the strap into the water attached to the Nikon (it’s a Jacuzzi tub so it’s fairly deep). The Nikon was actually resting on the bottom of the tub with the Vivatar whereas it was not touching with the other two straps. The Vivatar was holding up one end of the camera so I suspect in deeper waters it would keep the camera floating but I don’t know that for sure. Score one apiece for the Olympus and the Chums. One final observation – and this one is a little subjective. The Olympus just seemed better constructed with more durable parts and connections than the other two. Score one point for Olympus. Final score => Vivatar – 1 point, Olympus – 6 points, Chums – 3 points. Hope this is helpful

Theresa says:

Great Purchased for use with my new Fujipix 12MP Water Camera – no problem keeping it where I could see it in the water. Camera is submerged but float is large enough and bright enough to spot. I think it is much more attractive than those big multi creased floats. Also has a quick clip so you can easily remove the float when not on the water.

Anonymous says:

Buyer beware I bought this strap for a Kodak waterproof video camera. Although this seemed to be well constructed, it failed when I used it for my snorkel trip to Hawaii. The cord that connected the float to the camera broke. If it weren’t for a miracle of a nice young man who dove down at least 20 feet to retrieve the camera I would have lost some of the best videos I have ever shot of dolphins and manta rays. Don’t buy this cord. I also have an Olympus cord for my still camera and it has held up much better than this cord that I only used for one trip.

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