Casio NP-20 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery for the Casio Digital Camera

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Casio NP-20 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery for the Casio Digital Camera

Replacement Rechargeable 3.7 V Lithium-Ion Battery for the Exilim Card Cameras. Compatible with the EX-Z60, EX-Z70, EX-S500, EX-S600, EX-S770, and EX-Z75.

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J. Rowson says:

A battery with a bit of a bug Battery good, no problems! However using proper charger means occasionally it flashes red and refuses to charge. This can be cured by “jump-starting” (+ to +, – to -) it with a 9v battery for 10 seconds or so – it puts enough voltage into it to allow the charger to recognise it and charge it properly (solid red light for ~90mins). Batteries may explode if short circuited so the author takes no responsibility for the actions you may choose in this method!

J.E. says:

Battery needs jump start, instructions here: The NP20 that came with my camera worked fine for 6 months. It didn’t really get all that much use though. Last time I used it was in Jan.’09 on a ski trip. I charged the battery fully the day before I left, 1/4/09, and then only took 12 pic in 4 days. Since I didn’t have a use for it again, I left the battery in the camera as I’ve always done. When I went to turn it on this time, only a little over a month later: 2/18/09, it was totally dead! I thought this was impossible. But I put it on the charger and left it over night. When I went to get the camera I noticed the charge light was red and blinking, not green, as it should have been. So, I took the camera off the charger and then put it back on again, thinking I didn’t make the connection properly. The red light began blinking with in a couple of seconds again. I did this 2 more times, but always got the same result. So I called Casio and got the scoop. Poor quality batteries. They are sending me a new one.Then I got on the web to find out what’s with this issue and found out this: A blinking RED light means the battery is NOT charging. Don’t throw it away and don’t send the battery anywhere. Just call Casio and they will send you a replacement.The NP20 battery is just garbage, and Casio knows this, which is why they will send you a FREE replacement battery, as long as your camera is still under warranty. However, Casio doesn’t have any other type or brand of battery to replace it with because this camera was designed to work only with the NP20 battery style. They can only send you another NP20; but that doesn’t mean other brands or ‘generic” lithium batteries are any better or worse. Some people are doing fine with off-brand ones while others complain they don’t pop-out like the NP20 is supposed to. BTW, my NP20 battery doesn’t always pop-out either.After I hung up with Casio, I thought maybe I’ll return the camera to Costco, where I bought it and get my money back to spend on another camera. But, Costco is a bit of a drive and I’m not going in that direction today. So, I decided that since I need to use the camera today, I would try one of the methods I read about here of hooking up another battery to the NP20 to give it a little “juice”, to see if thais would change the charging of the old battery. It took a little work, but seems to be charging now. This is what I did:Using a 6″ piece of leftover copper speaker wire, I split the plastic some on each end between the wires and peeled them apart about and inch. Then I carefully peeled off some of the plastic coating on each wire end to expose the wires. Next, I wrapped one end of the wires around the posts on a 9V battery and held them down with one hand while I slid the NP20 upto the other end of the wires, making sure to connect the (+) to the (+) and the (-) to the (-) so as not to short out the battery. I held them connected for 30 seconds. Then I put the battery on the charger again. So far, so good. The red light is not blinking. I hope this works! If not, then I guess I won’t be using the camera today.

mark-o "mark-o" says:

A good battery that sometimes has problems The Casio NP-20 is an incredibly small, thin battery that provides great performance for compatible Exilim digital cameras. That is, when it works properly. The problem with this battery is (or can be), that it can suddenly become un-rechargeable for no apparent reason. This is indicated by a flashing red light in the compatible battery charger (Casio BC-11L) when the battery is inserted for recharging. The one good thing is, these days you can often buy a replacement original Casio battery on Amazon used for $10-$12, instead of the original $40 or so for a new one. I’ve bought several used ones that work as good as new, although I’ve also had one or two with the “flashing red light of death indicator” as well.

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