Casio High Speed Exilim Ex-ZR700 Digital Camera Black EX-ZR700BK

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Casio High Speed Exilim Ex-ZR700 Digital Camera Black EX-ZR700BK

It can photograph snappily and is pleasant “high speed shutter”. With the multiframe super-resolution technology which carries out four premium zoom continuous shooting composition 18 time optical zoom & 36 times, It is an effect HS VR : Vibration Reduction for five steps of zoom-in up to 36 times by high definition depiction. It is combined use of a part for two steps of optical VR : Vibration Reductions, and continuous shooting composition composition, and is a corrective effect for five steps.
A maximum of nine-sheet continuous shooting composition is carried out, a night view or large magnification zoom also stops a camera shake noise, and it is sharply distinctly.
Mini Review display Snappily, since it remains as it is, and it can be photographing perfectly or it is confirmed by mini review display, photography is very relief and convenience!
The photography mode” triple shot which could photograph snappily and stopped the time lag at worst

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Mark says:

WOW Why this is not at the top of the list – I can only speculate. Certainly, one of the top reasons has to be availability. As of April 2013 you must purchase from Europe or Japan. This is the ONLY consumer camera (Casio High Speed Exilim Series) that enables you to shoot video in slow motion. Combine that unique feature with a 16.1 megapixels and an 18X optical (lens enabled) zoom (digitally optimized to a potential of 200x plus zoom) and the “pro-shot” image taking and the high speed processor – there is nothing like it on the market. The high speed processor allows shots in rapid succession in a quarter of a second or in three shot bursts.Most of us who purchased this camera have see videos on YouTube from all over the world showing slow motion “film” of anything from pets jumping to bullets flying – all in slow motion. Outstanding! The 400 and 700 series are Casio’s newest additions to the Exilim limeup with the 1000 rounding out the three with a movable TFT screen. The 700, however has the greater zoom capability and the 400 has a better battery life. I’ll take zoom over moving view screen any day.The adjustable anti-shake feature is simply amazing. Shooting a picture at an adjusted 36x zoom without blurring the photo is unprecendented in my limited point and shoot camera experience. You can also use the internal computer to recreate effects previously abailable SLR functions like blurred background etc…The pictures are simply outstanding. It’s easy to forget that Casio was first to bring a 10+ megapixel camera to market. This camera moves so fast that you must purchase a Sandisk Extreme class 10 to utilize its power. The manual even states that that Flash Memory Card may not be able to read/write fast enough (45mb/s). I suppose you could purchase the SanDisk Extreme Pro (95Mb/S) if needed.My only complaints are the lack of Casio support in the USA for there cameras and the somewhat lightweight plastic. I know that less weight is more desirable but I almost want to feel metal. It is, after all , the most powerful (speed and functionality) point and shoot camera in existence.I purchased from ALB systems out of Germany and they delivered immediately. The box was banged up a bit from the air freight but the camera was insulated well with styrofoam peanuts, which protected it well. Thanks ALB!Now I have to find something fun to shoot other than the people and places required for my work.

Garry says:

CASIO HAVE a WINNER HERE Having owned many Casio Cameras the last being the FH100 which I loved for ease of use. This new camera is better technically and I have had to relearn this new camera because the menus are completely different. The screen display is much higher resolution and this means the new menu details are very readable. One new feature is that one can record a movie at normal speed and while recording touch the scroll dial and immediately go into slow motion video mode. Another touch and one is back in normal video mode. This camera specialises in high speed photography. The ability to capture sharp images even with its incredible zoom shooting multiple shots and automatically selecting the sharpest. Great other features to just capture anything that moves.

canman8754 says:

What a great camera This camera has worked very well and and is doing every thing I expected it to be. The only issue I have with it is that the instructions were ONLY in Japanese. I had to go on line and download the English version. Would not have been a really big deal except he camera screen was in Japanese also. I could not understand the screen to change it until I downloaded the instruction. Great Camera though.

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